EQUIPMENT ORIENTATIONS One of our fitness attendants will develop and guide you through a general fitness routine on all of the weight machines. Follow-up orientations may be scheduled after your first appointment. The follow-up orientation will review workouts and make adjustments to exercise routines as needed. We recommend two appointments for beginners. Appointments can be made at the Front Desk (ages 15+).

Free to YMCA Members

CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINING One-on-one fitness training with certified personal trainers. The YMCA’s Personal Training Program begins with an extensive consultation and health screening to identify any risks and set appropriate goals. Once your fitness level is determined, your trainer will develop a fitness plan customized to your particular abilities, goals and health status (ages 12+).

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1 hour session
$40 Member

½ Hour session
$30 Member

Purchase 10 sessions and get 10% off. Use within one year of purchase date. Any unused sessions are non-refundable.


GENTLE AQUA FIT — This class is recommended for beginners who are new to water workouts (or exercise in general), older active adults, or those who simply want a more gentle water workout. In addition to the gentle cardio and muscle conditioning work, this class emphasizes increasing one’s mobility, range of motion and balance, all to benefit daily activity function and fall prevention.

AQUAFIT — This shallow water class is a beginner/intermediate level class, yet provides an effective workout. Using the water’s resistance and any equipment the instructor plans for, the moves work on cardio and muscle conditioning. Some of the moves may be choreographed for the fun of it!

DEEP WATER* — This class is for those with the ability to suspend themselves in deep water (only 5 feet) for an extended period of time. This continuous suspension (wearing an aqua belt or noodle) adds a different dimension to the workout, and no stress on one’s joints! It still uses the water’s resistance and any equipment the instructor plans for to work on cardio and muscle conditioning. (The aqua belt is not made as a life-saving device.) *This class is not currently being offered.

SPLASHBURNER — This class is mostly a shallow water class, but the deep water may also be used (your choice). The workout is vigorous to high intensity. Using the water’s resistance and any equipment the instructor plans for, the moves work on cardio and muscle conditioning. Some of the moves may be choreographed for the fun of it!

AQUA ZUMBA®* — Every Wednesday and Friday evening, Aqua Zumba® routines are now interspersed with the existing SplashBurner format (see SplashBurner class description). Aqua Zumba® is where moves/rhythms from regular land Zumba® classes are adapted/modified for Zumba® dance-fitness in the water. The description below explains regular LAND Zumba®, to help you understand what is being brought to the water. *This class is not currently being offered.

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BOOT CAMP — This class is comprised roughly of 50% cardio and 50% strength-based activities using “old school” style techniques. We hold class at different locations for variety, so please check the schedule for sites.

WELLBEATS — Wellbeats is the name of our virtual programming system. Led by certified instructors, Wellbeats offers classes such as CardioBoxing, Toning and Sculpting, Meditation, Yoga, Strength, Cycling, and more. You work out with an instructor virtually in the cardio studio. Class length times vary from 15 minutes up to 50 minutes, perfect for those who want a quick, no-fuss workout, or for those who want a little bit longer class.

ZUMBA® — The revolutionary Zumba® program fuses a variety of Latin and other international music and dance rhythms to create a one‐of‐a‐kind, multicultural fitness class (party)! The format intersperses more and less vigorous rhythms and choreography to create intermittent training. Zumba participants experience an absolute blast of blended calorie‐burning, muscle‐toning, mind/body‐energizing cardio fun! This class is for dancers and nondancers alike‐ one does not have to know how to dance to succeed at Zumba Fitness, but a bit of rhythm is a plus.

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ARMS & CORE — Looking for a quick workout that will tone your arms and strengthen your core? This 30-minute class will focus on just that. From floor work to free weights, a variety of styles and equipment will be used to keep things interesting. Come ready to work!

BARRE — A Low-Impact workout utilizing a ballet barre designed to tone the entire body. No tap shoes, leotards or fancy footwork required!

BOOT CAMP — This class is comprised roughly of 50% cardio and 50% strength-based activities using “old school” style techniques. Class meets on the basketball courts.

BUMS & TUMS — A 45 – minute class designed to burn fat in those “problem areas” and build strength. We will use a variety of styles and equipment to target the muscles of the core. Yes, your glutes are part of your core! You can expect moderate intensity levels with variations for those that need low impact.

FULL BODY FUSION — From HIIT style training to strength circuits this class has something for everyone. We change it up every week to keep your body working to adapt. You can expect to find moves inspired by yoga and pilates combined with different equipment to keep things interesting. Class is 55 minutes long. 

LIFT & PUMP — This is a muscular strength/endurance conditioning class using free weights/bar and hand‐held weights to provide a total body workout of the major muscle groups. Props such as step platforms, stability balls and Bosus can be incorporated into the workout.

STRENGTH — This class is a full body strength work out including core work in 55 minutes. You can expect to use barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, steps and mats.

TABATA – A 45 minute High Intensity Interval Training Workout designed for anybody at any age.

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FIT FOR LIFE — A low impact cardio class for all ages and fitness levels. This class minimizes stress on the lower body with an active warm up and simple choreographed moves. Muscle strength and abdominal exercises follow the cardio and class ends with cool down stretches for a complete body workout in 45 minutes.

SENIOR FITNESS — This class is for the active, wiser adult who has the balance, strength and body control to hold him/herself in various positions on and off of a mat. It includes muscular strength/endurance training and flexibility, using simple equipment such as light hand‐held weights and resistance bands.

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Currently all cycling classes are instructor choice rides.

CYCLING — This class is held in the Cycling Studio upstairs, you ride a specially designed stationary bike as the instructor leads you through rides specific to cycling outdoors. The cycling class is appropriate for all fitness levels, since it is easy to ride at your own pace, selecting the amount of resistance that is appropriate for you.

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TAI CHI — Tai Chi is a slow, gentle form of exercise that uses agile stepping to regain/maintain body awareness and strength. Research has proven that Tai Chi helps with fall prevention by increasing balance and mental focus. Tai chi can be done anywhere, including a chair if necessary, and requires no special equipment (loose clothing and low sold shoes are suggested.) The word Chu’an indicates the Tai Chi is for health purposes; it is not a martial arts class.

YANG TAI CHIis the most commonly practiced tai chi style. Flowing, graceful movements increase strength and flexibility while calming the mind.

P.A.C.E. — People with Arthritis CHAIR Exercise

This class is for individuals with arthritis (or not) who have the balance, strength and body control to hold him/herself in various positions at or on a chair. Special props are used for exercise and assistance. (Participant must be able to independently get down and up from the chair and positions.)

PILATES — This mat-based mind-body class (sometimes with props is a muscle-conditioning class for all ages that encourages correct posture, tone and strong muscles, long and sleek body lines, increased flexibility and agility, and a challenge to the mind. You will feel an inner and outer strength.


GENTLE FLOW YOGA — This class is a “stepping stone” class from the “Yoga Fundamentals”, when you are feeling ready to advance into flowing movements. You will continue learning Yoga postures and terminology, but flows will be added. The “Vinyasa” (flow) of the class is slower than our Vinyasa class.

VINYASA YOGA — This class an active, invigorating, flowing progression of postures for a moderately challenging practice. Coordination of breathing and movement is emphasized. This class features functional strength, flexibility, muscle balancing and relaxation/meditation. If you are new to Yoga, please consider first doing our Gentle Flow Yoga classes for the foundation needed for participating in this class.

CHAIR YOGA — This chair-based and chair-supported 45 minute Yoga class gently works on flexibility, mobility and strength. It is excellent for those who would like the benefits of Yoga practice without getting down on the floor. Don’t let the chair fool you; the method is gentle, but the Yoga is challenging.

ADAPTIVE YOGA — This Yoga class is for those who need to learn and perform very gentle, adapted poses. It is designed for beginners of all ages and those with medical issues who desire a gentle Yoga flow for stress reduction, injury rehabilitation and relief from chronic lower back and joint pain. If you are recovering from an injury, have chronic pain, joint issues or just want to move more intentionally through the practice, this class is a great option. The pace of the class will give you time to comfortably transition between postures (stretches) and teach you how to protect those knees, hips, and wrists that are not the joints they once were.

WALL YOGA — This class is for all levels and is practiced on the racquetball court utilizing the wall space for poses. Offered occasionally, check the schedule for days and times

MEN’S YOGA — This class is geared for men who are beginning their yoga journey.

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