The family text message thread is especially funny on Thursdays. 

Especially when the STAUNTON-AUGUSTA FAMILY YMCA rec league basketball schedule pairs Under-Rated against the Mambas. 

It’s more than a sibling rivalry. 

Jybraun Brown plays for Under-Rated. His two brothers, Tavian Brown and Caleb Brown, play for the Mambas. 

James Brown, the father to all three young men, also plays for the Mambas. 

For the Browns, participating in the YMCA’s basketball league is truly a family affair. 

“It’s fun and weird at the same time,” James, the father, said. “What’s fun is you can compete against them, score on them, or outsmart them. The weird thing is I’m twice their age.” 

The older Caleb gets, the more he appreciates bonding with the family over sports. 

“It’s a blessing,” said Caleb, the oldest of the siblings. “Just having my brothers and dad around is great.”

The hardest part, of course, is playing against Jybraun.

“That’s a little different,” Caleb said. “It’s a little harder. You want to be competitive. You want to be physical, but then you’re like, ‘that’s my brother.’ I get caught in between.” 

Tavian agrees.

“I enjoy it,” he said of playing with his dad and Caleb. “I’m also thankful to play against my brother, too. It’s fun, especially when we beat him. I also enjoy when he plays well, even if we lose.” 

Under-Rated and the Mambas have split the two contests they’ve played so far this season, giving each side bragging rights for the week. 

“It’s fun,” said Jybraun, the youngest sibling. “I like giving them buckets. I don’t let it go outside of basketball. They were upset when we beat them, though. When I won, the group chat was silent. When they won, they were talking trash. They send memes of LeBron blocking people’s shots.” 

Above all, the Browns are just thankful to still share a basketball court. 

“I’m thankful, especially to play with my dad at such an old age,” Tavian, the middle son, said. “It’s all about family and bonding.”