By Celie Collins

Through song, skill, and running shoes, you helped give back to your community.

Yes, you.

We want to thank you all for your support during this year’s Annual Giving Campaign.

There is no better way to give than by gathering together. This year’s event lineup consisted of trivia, karaoke, a 5K, and raffles and shopping galore. What each unique event had in common was the overwhelming support and memories made through each gathering.

“I love how the Staunton-Augusta YMCA does our Annual Giving Campaign,” said Executive Director Josh Cole. “It is very grassroots with members donating to support those in our community who need an assist. Compared to other YMCAs, our Y has a huge number of donors give each year. That means our members believe in what we are doing to positively impact our community.”

We are over halfway to our goal of $160,000 thanks to our donors and the participation in our events. This is what happens when we come together.

We are on our way to our goal, and while the event season is over, donating is as easy as ever. Donations can be mde at the front desk or online at (yes, this URL is correct).